Closing Night Party: The Lodge
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Closing Night Party: The Lodge

Sun Sep 15 7:30 PM
Selling Fast

Cinema 1
General Admission
100 Mins
Join us for our closing night extravaganza and after-party featuring one of the year’s most anticipated films; atmospheric mindf**k, THE LODGE. Your ticket includes complimentary Serendipity ice cream on arrival - a custom-designed flavour made especially for SUFF! After the film, enjoy Chain of Fire wines, while FBI DJ Jack Shit will turn up the heat after such a spine-tingler! Closing night is always an experience and always sells out, so don't miss out!

Severin Fiala & Veronika Franz | 100mins | UK/USA | Horror | Sydney Premiere | 2019

Official Selection: Sundance Film Festival, MIFF, Overlook Film Festival.

“The Lodge starts subtle … but on a dime, it spirals into outright insanity, taking turn after shocking turn, leaving the audience out of breath and praying for a reprieve.” –

“An effectively chilling tale about how past experiences stay buried within us, and can never fully be defused” – Vulture

Join us as we bring SUFF to a close with a bang with Veronika Franz and Severin Fialaare latest psycho-chiller The Lodge - a bizarro mind-bender that’s one half The Shining, one half The Endless but a beast altogether its own. Following on from the freakishly fiendish debut that was Goodnight Mommy, the maverick duo ratchet up the tension way past 10 with this taut, ice-cold tale of wintery dread and psychological terror. Devoted to their deceased mother (Alicia Silverstone), siblings Aidan and Mia resent Grace (Riley Keogh), the younger woman their father intends to marry. They reject all her attempts to bond but soon they find themselves snowed in with her in a cabin at a remote holiday village. An unnerving turn of events for Grace, the sole survivor of an evangelical cult - why is Catholic paraphernalia suddenly filling the lodge? Is she right to suspect the children of manipulating her or are malevolent spirits actually haunting this cabin, stuck somewhere outside space and time? As temperatures drop and paranoia grows, The Lodge builds to a climactic twist that will leave jaws on floors, with a cinematic sleight so astounding it puts M. Night Shyamalan to shame.


Cinema 1

105 Victoria Road Marrickville, New South Wales, 2204