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Sat Sep 14 10:00 PM
Selling Fast

Cinema 4
General Admission
105 Mins
Lucas Heyne | 105mins | USA | Comedy, Drama | Australian Premiere | 2019

“Is Mope a "must see?" If you love movies that start off insane and ends even crazier, then yes, Mope is a must see in every way.” – Film Threat

Official Selection: Sundance, New Zealand International Film Festival, Boston Underground Film Festival, Toronto True Crime Film Festival.

In the world of pornography, the term mope refers to a low-level, wannabe porn actor who perhaps isn’t quite well endowed or attractive enough to achieve the success granted to “bigger”-name porn stars. Mopes are the lowest of the low, hanging around sets and taking on menial jobs with aspirations of being called upon to participate in a colossal gang-bang scene that could (but most likely won’t) lead to their big break. In this sordid drama, based on a you-won’t-effin’-believe-it’s-all-true story, we are treated to a perverse peek behind the stained curtains, where a chance meeting between two delusional dreamers, Steve Driver and Tom Dong takes place. But when Driver’s erratic behaviour escalates, his relationship with Dong begins to slide, as does the film’s tone from sketchy offbeat character drama to something much darker. First-time feature director Lucas Heyne crawls right under the skin of this grimy landscape, crafting a melancholy portrait of two misguided souls seeking love and acceptance, just like the rest of us.


Cinema 4

105 Victoria Road Marrickville, New South Wales, 2204